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mother's day balloons
Celebrate Moms

Happy Mother’s Day! The greatest day in the year, when all of your breastfeeding and wound kissing pays off. Hopefully on this day if you have been a good mother all year you can ask for a marching band and your children cannot deny you.

This is my first Mother’s Day and I am thrilled. My Baby is up and enthusiastic, laughing and moving all around. I am sure with all of the excitement to come later in the day he won’t be on his usual napping schedule. My mom and sister are coming by along with my other siblings, My Honey is home and we plan to have tons of laughs together.

My Honey is funny, every American holiday that pops up he looks at me and says, “Tara Nothing”. He does not really believe in purchasing a bunch of crap to celebrate holidays. I am lucky though he honors me on holidays with much more than chocolates and flowers could ever do. He lets me know that he is in it for the long haul. For me that’s what really counts, that’s what makes me the happiest Mom and wife in the world. My Honey and My Baby.

Thanks and respect to all moms where would be without them. Indeed Happy Mother’s Day!

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