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The cherry blossoms have bloomed and two weeks ago the weather was great. A little breeze, but we were able to be out and about in just a long sleeve Tee. This week it’s a winter throwback. 46 degrees! Darn it! I took up the hot carpet too soon. How foolish of me. I know better. I was not here last winter, but two years ago when I had Mako Chan it snowed the week he was born. I definitely know better. I guess wishful thinking.

All of the children are well, screaming and pooping as usual. What’s exciting for me is that I finally have an office area set up where I can “be serious”. It’s in my bedroom but it is very nice, and as long as I make my bed it feels like work time. I have a few things in the works. Unfortunately not videos this week. My husband needed the family camera to shoot some video for work. It’s time for me to buy my own set up. Time for me to save whatever pennies I have coming in and just get that out of the way. On top of that my oldest had a string of half days and that cut into my YouTube filming time. Ugh….always something.

I am happy, the new apartment is cozy and Megumi Chan is delightful.

What I am working on in addition to my blog and channel is getting in full housewife mode making sure everything is organized and we are living life and not just surviving. Golden Week is coming up and I hope to visit friends and take the kids out to fun things. Holidays are a pain because places are crowded, but it feels festive to be out when others are off from work. It also gives me a chance to catch up with my 9-5er  friends.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Many more exciting things to come.


One thought on “Haru? Is it spring?

  1. Yes it is so cold right now depressing. Hope you get your new camera soon. You have a lot to share I think 🙂

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