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Yes, this is where I belong. With my honey and our children in this cold ass house.LOL

Toy Tools
I have all the tools to make this new home work.

I had tons of fun in the States and even got a chance to talk to some really cool people who read my blog. But the reality for me is that I am happy here and look forward to building more of my life out here in Japan.

I have a schedule with my husband now to go out and practice driving. I hope I can get my license by April. I just need to learn to drive on the other side of the road. Well, that and memorize directions because lord knows I cannot read the signs but so much.

I am scared but it is essential to me having a normal life. There is no way I can stay trapped in the house on a daily basis.

Arriving in Japan just made me feel so at peace and relieved that this is actually where I live. We also got some really good news for our family.

Of course I wanted to make more than one video while I was in the States but I did blog and my children are still very much dependent on me.  My priority is a happy home. This is what I want to share with all of you.

More to come.

Have a great day.

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Hi Tara,

    I stumbled across your videos and blog while looking for Japanese skincare videos. Your reviews are pretty good. I love Japanese skincare, esp their awesome foam cleansers!

    Now, the reason I am writing to you is because I would like to ask you some questions and I hope you could give me some good advice! The questions are:

    1) I would like to visit Japan, but I don’t speak a word of it. I want to travel to Japan to see the Cherry Blossoms sometime in the future and I have been doing some research about costs, etc. I am currently saving up as well, seems like it is taking “forever” since I’m paying off my student loan. Anyways…back to my question…my biggest concern is I don’t speak Japanese. Do you think I can travel there alone for 2 weeks visiting the country without speaking Japanese? And btw, is it expensive to visit Japan for 2-3 weeks…I’m thinking of staying in a hotel and go site seeing myself and buying train tickets, etc, myself to see the various sites and then returning to hotel myself. Is this idea doable? How much do you think I need to save up in order to have a decent vacay in Japan? I am not going to be a big spender there, just doing some site seeing and buying some skincare Japanese products.

    2. I am thinking of visiting Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and possibly other places. I don’t know yet. Could you give me some recommendations as to how I can visit those places “smoothly” meaning: where should I go first, then do what next, etc, so I don’t have to go back and forth. Sorry, this question might be a big confusing.

    Ok, that’s all the questions. I hope you could help clarify some of it because I would love to visit Japan someday soon, hopefully next year!



  2. Your best bet is always to visit a big city and then see if you can find a tour situation to the smaller more rural site seeing areas. Language is less of a problem in the big cities and there is always site seeing because well, you have never been to Japan.LOL The grocery store alone is a site to see! I am not well educated about other areas of Japan, but I do know that it is a cash society. Please make sure you are relying on cash and not credit card when you come. Food only becomes expensive if you do not like Japanese food. There is no tipping in restaurants.
    Thanks for reading and I hope to post more pertinent info about travel as soon as I can.

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