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Cousins with Cookies enjoying DisneyThanks MickeyThanks Mickey!
Thanks Mickey!
Wonder on our faces
This was my first 80 degree Thanksgiving and it was great! Not only that, My Baby and I spent a great day with the family at Disney World. It is so cool to go to Disney with all of the perks. Mom lived only an hour away and it made the trip extra special. My Baby really enjoyed the “Small World” ride and seeing all the people. Too bad dad had to stay behind, but we took tons of video for him.
Enjoy the pics!
Magic Kingdom
Inside the park

One thought on “Hope you had a great holiday!

  1. Aww….he looks so cute and so does is cousin(both of them looking at each other holding a cookie. ).LOL. Disney World looks fun! I need to visit there someday. I can’t believe i’ve never been there. Might visit next summer with my little neices and nephews.

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