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So many people ask me about how I got married to a Japanese man.

I was recently interviewed by Baye and revealed my unedited story of how I met and married My Honey!
Here is my craziness full-blown, talking with Baye McNeil of Loco in Yokohama. It was so much fun to be interviewed by Baye; a NYC native and a writer in Japan.

Click here to go to the article on
Loco in Yokohama.

loco in yokohama
Thank you so much Baye!

8 thoughts on “How I got married to a Japanese man

  1. So happy to see this, (via Loco in Yokohama)! I am also married to an Asian guy (Chinese) and raising biracial kids. I also speak mandarin and learned it before we met. So much of what you said in the article resonated with me…always dated whoever was nice to me, always down for a drink, didn’t put the cookies out for everyone, ..wasn’t thinking romance at first, my husband was also a mean cook so yeah, food bonus! lol! Never had the rice issue though. My mom is West Indian and we had rice for every meal. When we moved in together, we had to put one set of rice cookers and rice dispensers into storage as backup. Anyway, just commenting to let you know your story has reached Hawaii and this family!

  2. Hi,
    I read an article about your marriage and I really admire you and your husband`s choice on your lives.

    I’m a Japanese but was sent to the US when I was 12 and my Jr high was like one of the most blackest schools in LA with Latinos filling up the rest. I tell people about my school time to time but not in detail cuz I don’t get much resonance. However, those times in my life are definitely what make me now and for the first time in my life I feel like I found somebody who shares the same experience as me, although it’s the other way around 🙂

    Good luck and, most of all, enjoy your life with your beautiful husband and mini yous!

    Thanx for sharing your story.

    Atsushi Suzuki

  3. I knew that there might be others like me out there. I’m black Portuguese and my husbandis Asian but from Nepal. We met through friends at a Japanese restaurant here in London ( wagamama). Our home is in London UK. Like mentioned before, it revolved around food like yours but he can not cook, but likes eating and Rice is always part of it. We met and were married within 8 months almost 20 years ago. We have a girl and a boy. I can not complain. I’m glad I found other mixed Asian couples where the lady is black and he is Asian and not the other way around. Either way it was a good reading.

  4. Hi !
    I follow your blog and i have been into Japanese culture for years. Everyone who knows me knows that, lately ever since i’ve been to Japan, i also started liking Japanese men too.
    At this moment i like someone and i confessed to him. Even though we’re really good friends, i don’t think he will say yes to dating( he still hasn’t given me an answer and usually when someone doesn’t answer i take it as a no)
    BUT my friends are cheering me on (Also my Jp- friends). They ask about us daily.

    Now i want to let you know that i am “Afro-American” and that i actually live in the Netherlands, which is in my opinion more open to mixing than the U.S.
    But i still see it as a sign that we’re heading in the right direction. Yay to mixing <3 I love reading about your life!

    Ps. Even though i read it earlier, my friends sent me your interview with hearteyed emoticons/emoji, which actually made me very happy and was also a reason for me to post a comment.

  5. That is awesome. Good luck with your relationship and Thanks for reading! I am glad that everyone is enjoying. Working on some new stuff now. Be Well.

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