Tara Kamiya


Whoo Hoo!

I made it and things are good.

I am so excited but it is not easy.


It was raining for 3 days, so I had 3 days of wet clothes hanging around. There are no dryers in Japan. Or I guess I should say they are not common. In a Japanese house you wash your clothes in your washing machine at home(everyone has a washing machine) and then you put them on the line to dry.

We are still unpacking so I was actually depending on those clothes to dry so I could wear them again. Needless to say, this is another excuse to go shopping.

Yes, shopping. So today we went around to get some items for the household. The first stop was my beauty/skin care. There is apparently no hair supply store like in America. I went to the local Pharmacy, “SunDrug” and I found the basics but it was more challenging to find skin cream than I thought it would be. Most of the products promise moisture, but they are this watery milk texture. Not really a lot of straight up “skin cream”. Also they promise to get you as white as possible. Now you know I don’t need that. My Honey tried to help by reading the packages for me, but the poor thing was so annoyed. I will try to ask Okasan(mom) when she comes home.

Mom is doing fine. She will be home from the hospital on Saturday. She has brain cancer, but she is doing well. She had surgery and is going through chemo therapy. Now that answers a lot of questions about why I moved out here.

The next stop was the “hyakuyen”store. Basically that translates to “TheDollar” store. As expected it is lovely. I will do a haul video for my youtube channel as soon as I can. I got some more basics and a cute pair of flip flops to walk outside.

Living here in Japan is so comfortable(other than the laundry situation). We live in what is considered an estate in America. There are 2 houses on the property and we can go outside in our PJs without anyone getting annoyed. Today My Baby walked around barefoot because it was sunny and warm. He loved wandering around the yard and disturbing the little statues in front of the house. There is a garden there also. Otosan(father) is growing some tomatoes for My Baby.

We made it!

It is currently 2:40 am. I am still jetlagged, but it works for me at the moment. More to come.

I am preparing for a Japanese Washing Machine Demo video to post on youtube so subscribe to my channel! See you soon!


5 thoughts on “I am in Japan!

  1. That first picture with you drying the clothes and your cute son reaching for the basket is so darn cute. Sounds like you’re settling in just fine. I’m looking forward to more frequent posts from you in the future. Am following you on youtube as well but i don’t have an account as of yet. Show us the real Japan, not the fluffy edited touristy type.

  2. I will! I am anxious to show Japan from my perspective.
    Everyone only knows Tokyo, but that is not the “real” Japan.Thanks for following!
    Stay tuned.Be Well.

  3. I had no idea japaneses do laundry like us brasilians do. We all have wash machines at home and need to put the clothes in a line to dry. Well, I have a confession: this is so old school and annoying. Gosh, I miss NY. hahaha

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