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Yes, it’s true. We are selling everything in our apartment and giving away what’s left. There are also donations set aside for the Salvation Army. Hopefully the apartment will be cleaned out soon and we can leave. I am in a hurry to leave.

Japanese Airport Sign
Endless Discovery Indeed!

I know, SHOCKER! I just came from Japan and although I miss Japan, I did not plan to move so abruptly. So what gives? Unfortunately we have a family member who is very sick and we want to be near her. Fortunately our lease on our apartment is up in April, so I guess the timing of events just works.

Moving to "the cut"

It has been a rough month. My husband flew back to handle things within the family and we have been missing him dearly. I am blessed to be able to stay home with my baby, but he has been a handful. Thank goodness today is going to be warm and sunny. Perhaps he will give me a break from his tantrums when we go for our daily walk outside. He is still not walking on his own, and I am annoyed. I really thought he would be running by his first birthday. I guess he is getting around just fine crawling. I work with him daily and he is still taking 5 steps at a time here and there.

My attention is very focused on wrapping things up in New York. I have not had time to freak out about living in Japan so soon. I can communicate on a basic level, but I cannot read Kanji or drive on the other side of the road. Obviously I will be studying day and night to become literate. I may even get a tutor.

As far as work, the only thing I may be able to do is teach English.

It is going to be a big adjustment. I will have to depend on My Honey for everything serious until I can read and write. It is exciting, but scary and motivating. Socially I think things will be ok, I am not the only gaijin (foreigner) in those parts. For everyone out there reading, WE WILL NOT BE IN TOKYO! I love you but I scream that because A: There are many other parts of Japan, and B: Tokyo is like NY people speak English there. I am going to be “in the cut” as we say in the neighborhood. In other words, a small town where people do not speak English. The children in elementary school now are the first to start learning English early on. Thank goodness I had visited last year, otherwise I would be hyperventilating.
I have been following this sista for years and I am thinking; will I go through these stages of living in Japan?

If anyone has additional tips about learning to read and write Japanese please leave a comment.

3 thoughts on “I am moving to Japan!

  1. Hi Tara, I just wanted to wish you nothing but luck and success on you and family’s new life in Japan. Although I do not know you personally, I too have always been interested and fascinated with the Japanese life and culture, so when I saw episode of Four Weddings, it was great to see someone that I could identify with. I also admire your role as an great mom and entrepeneur. It’s something that I am striving to be. I hope your ill family member recovers soon, and I hope that this experience is a exciting new chapter in your life. Guddorakku! Sincerely Michelle Pough-

  2. Thanks so much! Best Wishes to you too for a great 2012. You can continue to follow my journey through my blog, perhaps I will see you in Japan one day.

  3. Hi Tara! Thanks for writing back and for the well wishes. Yes, I enjoy reading your blog and am so looking forward to reading about your life in Japan. I do hope to visit Japan some day 🙂 Take care!

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