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Gotta be the shoes

Hi Guys!

Wanted to pop in and let you know I did it!

I passed my road test to get a Japanese Driver’s License. Thank Goodness it only took me 3 tries and not the dreaded 5-7+ that I had heard about.

It was a strange day that I passed too. Starting with my shoe situation. In my haste, I ran out of the house in Ugg style boots. My husband gets to the driving center and looks down at my feet. “You can’t drive in those boots.” I damn near lost my mind.

His suggestion was to borrow his beat up shoes which are 2-3 sizes too big. But with no choice I put them on, pulled the laces as tight as I could and I drove that damn test car like a boss. I was so confident, when I finished the test I said out loud, “They have to give it to me today! I did it perfect.” All the others waiting for their turn cheered and it sent positive vibes throughout the testing center! I was so happy even though I had not gotten approved yet. I was proud of myself, regardless of what the outcome of the day might be. A couple others got theirs that day too.

I must make a video about this day, so sit tight for more details in the video. Sending love and thanks to all who cheered me on. I did it, before baby arrived and I have already driven myself out of this small town a few times.

Be Well.

20 thoughts on “I passed my test!

  1. Congratulations Tara! I’m sure you’re very relieved. Now you can be more independent, and come and go from your small village with your children whenever you like.

  2. OMGoodness congratulations!!! I heard those test were so difficult. Also the positive vibes in the testing center :)) Very awesome. I do have a question though. What was wrong with the shoes you had on in the beginning?

  3. Oh thank goodness you passed! Congratulations! You looked and sounded so frustrated it was making me frustrated for you lol. But I’m glad it’s over…phew!

  4. I’m so happy for you. One of my friends got her driver’s license here in the states. I want to get mine, but people don’t know how to drive in Baltimore. It’s sad if you ask me. Other people were cheering for you to get your license? Wow, that’s something you won’t see here in the states.

    I knew you could do it, and you were trying so hard. congrats!

  6. Hi Tara: I have been following your blog for a while now. I am so happy to hear that you passed your driving test. Hooray!!! So now you can go on road trips and really get to see a lot more of the countryside. My sons, Jonathan Martin and Shondel Martin, were in Japan last fall, 2014 to visit my niece who was stationed the Navy. She has since moved back to San Diego, Calif, but my sons, especially Jonathan fell heart (I wanted to say fell in love, but he just told me to say it the cool way “heart” lol) with Japan.

    So please enjoy your many adventures in Japan … I totally thought your videos about “restroom” were so cool. My son said he thought it is so cool to have your butt washed and warmed at the same lol

    Anyways, we are not really weird and wild people … just love a laugh now and again. I teach high school here in Houston, Texas and youngest son, Jonathan, is a college student majoring in Industrial Design Technology … So we will continue to follow your blog and keep since video of family and those to adorable babies.

    Lifting As I Climb,

    Burcie L. Payne-Martin

  7. I knew the day would come when you would look back at those past tears caused by that rude tester…concerning not being in America… and be able to say that this pain was only a healed scar. Remembering the pain from the standpoint of a victor.

    I am so proud of you and hope you will continue to have many beautiful successes in your future endeavors!

    Blessings to you!

  8. Also, I wanted to know if you have to renew it every five years like here in the United States.

  9. Thank You so much for reading and I am glad that you are enjoying. Bless You and be well.

  10. Congratulations I repeat myself make the video I was wondering if you actually passed 🙂 I know you are busy and probably tired though!

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