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Today I went out around noon to get my International Driver’s License. My Honey has one and suggested that I go get one too.

Ready to Drive in Japan?

I doubt that I will be driving anytime soon because I would have to A: Learn to Read Kanji and B: Learn to drive on the opposite side of the road from the side that I have driven on for years in the U.S.

So anyway, I was glad to have a moment to myself. I decided to make it a vlog moment as well.

First stop was Starbucks and I enjoyed the coffee but I got a splinter from the stirrer. Sometimes I wonder who thought that a jagged wooden stick was a good idea. Coming out of the Starbucks I realized that it was drizzling. Lawd! What is happening to my day alone? I had no umbrella and I was not interested in buying one since I’m days away from moving to another country.


All turned out well. I did some good vlogging and I am learning more about videos and editing. Since we are so busy my husband decided that it would not be practical to help me do my youtube videos. He is annoyed really that I am doing this in the midst of a big move. I think it is keeping me sane, so I am stretching myself to do it. Besides. I will not have another chance to vlog from NYC for months.

Getting the License was quick and easy, it turns out all the document does is translate the fact that you can drive in the country that you are from and probably will be able to drive in the country you are currenly visiting.  The booklet is translated into several major languages and has your picture on the last page. The fee was $15 for the document. I took my pictures there which brought my fee to about $25 and change.

Here are some pics from my day:

I'll be using this page
My photo is not that bad!
Today's Paper
Spring in NYC


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