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japanese baby in carriage
My Honey as a baby, no Halloweens for him

Japanese babies don’t have Halloween. If you’ve been reading my blog you know by now that my husband is Japanese. If you are just finding this blog you will be pleased to know that outside of marrying me he is very Japanese. For our family that means no holidays that are without significant importance and entail spending money. Since our baby is half Japanese that leaves him out of one of the (dare I say it) funnest holidays for children,

I was a big Halloween person before I met My Honey. I am getting nostalgic remembering my first Halloween when I wanted to be a Punk Rocker and wore my mom’s spiked bracelet to school. For me it is a way to live your alter ego once a year and have a free time to living it up with Monsters and Pixies.  I think it is harmless but my
honey is not into dressing up like a nut and getting feebies. O-well.

I think once baby gets older and can demand his fun My Honey
will start to bend, besides if we stay in NY or move to the West Coast he will
realize that Halloween is virtually a religion for most of us. I have dressed
up as Celia Cruz, a dominatrix, and many other things going back to past
holidays.  As I describe how much I enjoy Halloween My Honey looks at me with discontent as if I were turning into a blueberry or something.  But oddly this
is what I love about My Honey we almost have an ‘I Love Lucy’ relationship.

One day I came home with what I thought was a lovely coat until My Honey informed me that he does not like coats with hairs. Hairs? O, Honey you mean fur? Yes he hates fur coats needless to say I am not allowed to wear this coat when I go out with him. It makes me laugh, I think I will love his usage of English for years to come. Although he speaks well, the non-native speaker usage is a joy.  No Hairs and No Halloween.

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