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My son made me dinner

Yes, I eat junk.

In recent history there has been lots of new info about GMOs and Organic produce. There are even dry goods that are being produced with low chemical additives and that is great.

I subscribe to that lifestyle and living in Japan on a farm makes it easier to do that. I exercise, eat well and I am a U.S. size 4. My husband and children are a healthy weight. I consider myself to be in good health and I am thankful for that. I don’t and have not taken pain killers for over 10 years now. If you visit my house bring your own because I don’t have them and I have deodorant just for emergencies, but do not use it daily. My diet is clean enough to keep my body from smelling. Yes, even after a workout.

But I learned over the years not to get so crazy or rather strict with the clean diet lifestyle. Here is why……..

People change their diets and lifestyles to improve quality of life. So let’s talk about quality of life. For me it means living a long time without disease. But it also means kisses, hugs, and laughs through time with my family and friends.

The reality is that when I come back to the U.S. all of my family and friends are not eating arugula for lunch. The reality is that I did not grow up on Tofu. So when I visit my loved ones and they are making mac and cheese, or pot roast, or something covered in frosting, I’M EATING IT.

What is it gonna cost you? I eat healthy for 95% of my meals. Why would I alienate my loved ones by pushing away food that they made out of love. Time and money spent making the food they raised me on. Food that makes them feel good to prepare. To me it seems we forget that love is a super duper humongous part of what we need to be happy. Studies even show that love is essential to infant survival. Love is quality of life.

So I get the runs for 24 hours! So I get the itis(eat and fall asleep) for 24 hours! So I gain a measly 5 pounds visiting relatives. My parents, uncles and aunts are not going to be there forever. I want to have fun, I want to smile. I don’t want to preach to them about Whole Foods. We can have a conversation, I can teach them what I do. But I don’t have to shame them, or reject them.

I am still in America and last night I ate. WITH MY FAMILY.

Enjoy your week.

2 thoughts on “Junk Food Back on the Menu

  1. Oh my goodness. That’s so true.

    I also believe listening to your body is the best road to health, and love (or the energy placed in food) is more important than the food itself.

    And preaching is annoying when it comes to food. People will find what works for them, and that’s that. now if some ask your opinion, then game on.

    By the way, Mac and Cheese is so good, so I would eat that too. Although I personally am addicted to Japanese food mainly because it’s more of a luxury food item since the quality kind is rare in my neck of the woods, which only makes my love for the culture stronger.

    Well, thanks for a engaging articles.

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