Tara Kamiya


As I read all of these blogs and magazines I hear so many people bitching about how they can’t lose the baby weight. I have a few questions for these women:

  1. What shape were you in before the baby?
  2. What are you currently eating?
  3. How active are you currently?
  4. How did you eat during your pregnancy?
  5. Are you trying to get smaller than your pre-pregancy weight?


Now I bet that the answers to these questions are sketchy! The reality is that you only get out what you put into it ladies.

  1. If you were a size 14 before your baby or did not have abs…NEWSFLASH…you will not return to that size easily because that is already large and you definitely won’t get smaller easily!
  2. If you are still eating sugar and dairy..forget about losing weight!
  3. If all you do is eat and sleep, forget it. Sleep yes! But dance with your baby in your arms to soothe him and take walks with him.
  4. This can’t be undone, but if you ate over 300 calories per day while pregnant..YOU ATE TOO MUCH…try to not do this the next go round.
  5. Be realistic girl..you are not going to have a baby and wake up looking like Gisele Bundchen, If you were a biggun before you will be a bigger biggun now!

Stay locked in to www.tarakamiya.com, I will be posting my before and after pregnancy photos in 2 months!

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