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April is a great time to make a fresh start!

cherry blossoms
Sakura in April

March was a crazy whirlwind. Birthdays, meetings, school, appointments and friends visiting from out of town. I am so glad that I can relax for a bit. Well, physically. I don’t need to rush around meeting anyone and I don’t have any trips planned for a while. So what will I get myself into?

Of course I have my projects that I am working on. I am starting to feel like the Tommy(from the 90s sitcom, Martin) of social media. You aint got no projects man! My guilt about having actual product to show is unreal. Haha! But I am getting closer to having something to show(insert Pam’s insult here).

For April I am deciding to make a fresh start. Spring break is over, planners are on sale, and taxes should be filed this month. Here are a few things that I will do in April.

  1. Review March
  2. Update my planner system
  3. Reorganize my office
  4. Start my Spring Cleaning
  5. Treat myself to a productivity goodie

1. So did March work for me? Did it work for you? If you don’t have your own business you can take a look at how your job or family life went. We were really busy and we probably won’t have another month like that this year. It is important to examine what did go right so you can replicate it and throw out the things that didn’t.

2. My planner system is not working. My main issue is consistency. It is so easy to let the kids run over me and I forget to even open my planner until noon. No bueno! If you don’t use a planner to organize your life I highly suggest it, but it only works if you use it.

3. I cleaned out a closet in the apartment to use as my office. It looks lovely, but I am never motivated to use it. I really need a new desk and better organization. I am actually using a vanity table and it’s not inspiring me at all. This month, I am going desk shopping!

4. I am offering you guys a free printable.This is a spring cleaning checklist for Japan.If you are outside of Japan you may still find it helpful and at the very least interesting. Housework is much more demanding here because of the mold.

5. I want a treat, something that says mompreneur. Most likely it will be my desk, but lovely little desk treats make my eyes light up as well.

Well that’s it, that is what I am up to. Happy Spring, Happy April, Happy Fresh Start!

Be Well,

Tara Kamiya



2 thoughts on “Make a fresh start in April

  1. Just my two cents, I have a planner but I also have a day schedule . It gives me a timeline for the day , to keep it going. Homeschooling, lunch, games etc… But it is easier for me as I do not have daycare or school to worry and can do pyjama day if I feel like it haha ( also I have a double desk as I draw manga )

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