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My sweet second born is now three. Today I want to share Max’s birth story with you. I will also share my thoughts about medical intervention during childbirth.

medical intervention during childbirth

My little guy turns three this month and I’m so excited to finally share my experience.. When I became pregnant with Max, I was so excited. I was ready to give my first child a sibling. I was ready to expand our family. My pregnancy with Max was very, very difficult; I was in pain and uncomfortable the entire pregnancy. Lucky for me Max came a few days early and after having labor pains for about three days prior, Max made his appearance.

I went into active labor very early in the morning before sunrise. We found ourselves at the midwife and we were really just hoping that it wouldn’t take a long time. With my first child I was in labor for about 20 hours. Thank goodness this time around active labor only lasted about three hours.

Trigger alert. I will discuss a not so pleasant experience.

During the course of that three hours, there was a point where the midwife thought that Max may not come out naturally. She reached for her scalpel and she was ready to cut me! She was about to do an episiotomy without asking, without consultation or anything.  You know, she just reached for her scalpel and was ready to go! I smacked the scalpel out of her hand and just shouted out “NO!”

Even sitting there writhing in pain and half out of my mind, I knew that the procedure wasn’t necessary. I had it in my mind that I would rather tear. I had done my due diligence on the subject and I was more comfortable with a tear as opposed to being cut. I had already given birth once, so I was well educated about this kind of situation.

My sister’s advice came to mind. Before I even had my first child, she told me, “You know you can have a natural birth, you just have to keep your mind together.”  I never forgot that. I had to keep my mind together!  You know, to be strong enough to say, no this is not what I want!  Not everyone can say that they will be coherent enough to defend themselves the way I did. I am not suggesting that you prepare for a fight. What I really want to leave you with is this:

It’s your body, it’s your baby and never let anyone do something that you’re not comfortable with. Never let someone take liberties with your health. Educate yourself, consult professionals and  look for people that you trust inside and outside of the medical community that can offer you some sound advice or maybe even provide resources. I hear so many horror stories about women who have given birth with unecessary medical interventions involved. The goal is always a healthy baby and a healthy mom, so I want to focus on that.  

Click here to see what the inside of a hospital looks like in Japan.

Please do what’s right for you and your health. Let it always be your decision, if you need to, write something out, make a document before hand that legally protects your decisions. If you need to directly have a conversation with your midwife or doctor, do that.

Especially for us living abroad where a language barrier may be an issue.
It must be absolutely awful to be blindsided by a medical intervention during childbirth that you never discussed or even considered. This is something that can be prevented! So as you are expecting or expecting to expect, be well.

Tara Kamiya

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