Meet Pearl Low @fumichun

I was really lucky this past March to sit down for a quick chat with Fumichun aka Pearl Low. We met in Osaka while she was here in Japan touring.

fumi's sketchbook

First Sketchbook by Pearl Low

We discussed life, art, travel and what it’s like to grow up blasian.

She speaks some Cantonese, Japanese and of course English. When I met with Pearl, I wanted to know more about her ancestry and a few tips about confidence that I could pass on to my children. Pearl had some gems to share with me about her experience growing up. It was encouraging to meet a young woman with such positive self-esteem.fumichun

Pearl is just 21 and out here doing it! A published artist and world traveler. When Pearl set out to create a sketch book dedicated to black women I had to have one!

You can purchase her sketchbook here: shopfumi

Follow her on Instagram:Fumichunas well as check out herYouTube channel pearl low

2020 Update: Congratulations on your Oscar for working on Hair Love. I knew you could do it!

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  1. Nykeva says:

    Her sketches are nice. I love to see stuff like this. Thanks for the recommendation. : )

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