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Hey Loco

I cannot believe I have been writing this blog for 5 years! I feel great about that. Some of you remember when I was still in NYC. Now I am here in Japan and I am meeting some amazing people. I think it is time for you to meet some of them.

I am at a point in my blogging career(if that makes any sense) where I want to start introducing you guys to some of the people I meet living here. It’s not all about me, especially since there are so many stories to be told from so many different angles.

My favorite story right now is Hi! My Name is Loco and I am a Racist

I posted my review on Amazon so you guys could get a better feel of Baye McNeil’s offerings. Some of his works are G rated and some not so much. He is more than just the star of his column in the Japan Times, he has also authored two books and has a spectacular line up of projects for the future.

Enjoy and Be Well

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