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a whole pineapple

This morning I ate a whole pineapple! Doesn’t that sound better than saying, ‘I ate a whole pizza’. Sure it does, especially to your big jiggly butt! I am a big fan of eating something until you get sick of it. That is my diet secret. The other day I ate ½ of a watermelon.

I have not posted much about my journey to lose the baby weight just because it’s kind of annoying isn’t it? You guys reading about every pound I lose and maybe getting sick of me because your journey is not moving along and the same pace. Or, perhaps you just like to see the pictures of a finished product in my post next month. Either way, here is a little update.

One thing you can never go wrong with when trying to lose baby weight is eating a lot of food that has no impact. What do I mean by no impact? Well…..have you ever heard of anyone getting fat from eating 10 bags of salad? No, because it won’t happen. When you eat whole foods dense with nutrients you are always winning! Hence my consumption of jumbo fruits.

I don’t count calories when I eat natural food. That candy I had yesterday, yeah I counted that. That’s why I hate eating junk food. When you eat crap you have to do math and I hate math.

So to counter the junk I may eat (and you really should try to not eat any) I move! And when I say move I am talking about a whole workout video and then some. When you are moving the booty, you will lose the weight. Yesterday I did a boot camp video and I walked around my neighborhood with my now 10lb son hanging off of me for a little over an hour.

Another thing you can do, is to keep breastfeeding. Kourtney Kardashian just tweeted that she gained 10lbs after she stopped breastfeeding and she has to get back in the gym hardcore. As long as you give milk you’ll be burning those calories.

I am still on my journey. Today I weighed in at 136.2lbs, yey! My original weight was 125lbs before pregnancy. I may not get back to that just because I am carrying breast milk, but I am already back in my pre-pregnancy clothes…….did I mention that?


I look forward to posting my pics of my results next month, so stay with me. If you are on this ride too, keep up the work. It will pay off when the weather really gets warm and you want to peel off those layers!

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