Tara Kamiya


As you mommies know it is not easy to get your baby to sleep in his crib or bassinet. It is actually suggested that baby sleep with you if he can. It helps to regulate his heartbeat and reduces the risk of SIDS.

But there comes a time when you miss your partner, there comes a time when you are ready for baby to sleep on his own. When that time comes try these tricks that I tested out this weekend. They worked like a charm!

 (They will be available permanently on the  ‘Tara’s Tips for Family’ page)

Getting baby to sleep in the crib or bassinet.

-Try a hot water bottle in the crib next to or under your baby. Be sure it is not too hot. It should be the same temperature as your body. This will soothe baby as if he were lying next to you.

-Wrap baby in your shirt. Baby wants to be around you, by placing him in the crib with one of your clothing items he will be comforted by your smell. Try to use something you’ve worn that day. It is not gross, baby loves your smell, sweat and all!

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