Tara Kamiya



Jim Henson’s Fantastic World

July 16–January 16, 2012

Mahna Mahna & Snowths courtesy of M.O.M.I.


Alex and I had a great time at the Museum of Moving Image.
Currently there is a Jim Henson exhibit that is just amazing. If you are alive
you have come across Mr. Henson’s work in one way or another. The most
prevalent work being Sesame Street recognized in several countries and redone
in a few different cultures.

When I was a kid I remember watching the Muppet show at
about 7pm before bed. It was the greatest thing ever, the whole family could
watch and you felt good about it.

Here is one of my favorites, I love how this burnout kinda
dude (Mahna Mahna) is trying to get funky, but keeps getting squashed by the

Watching all of the Muppets
from Sesame Street to Fraggle Rock reminded me that the times they are a
changin’! Now before bed your child is likely to watch something like The
Simpsons although great, nowhere near the innocence that we had in the 80s in
animation and kids’ entertainment.

If you are in NY or nearby I highly suggest it. Fridays are
free starting at 4pm. There are also some really cool souvenirs to remind you
of your visit. No Taschen books for me though. I got a .75 cent pencil which is
just enough for me to doodle some happiness whenever I miss that innocence,
that genius that will always be Jim Henson.

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