My Family is Complete

I did not necessarily plan this time around, but I feel we are now complete.

Please welcome Megumi Chan!


Baby Girl Arrived

Baby Girl Arrived

We are super excited but also very busy. I made plans to make videos today, but I have a two year old now. Mako Chan (2nd born) will turn two next week and he is on fire. Today as I was running errands he decided that he does not want to sit in the big boy seat and was jumping around the entire car. It was dangerous and scary. I have to figure something out quickly. A new car seat I guess. He is not ready for the big boy seat at all.

He goes to a part time day care on Monday. We will see if I can manage to get a few videos done then. I have so much to share! I am soooooo behind. Lots of big news.

Hope you are having a great day…great week.

Living the dream means you don’t get to sleep.

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