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What's on baby's Plate?

My husband is a chef.

That means that our household has the good fortune of always having great meals at the ready. It means cool kitchen gadgets, nice ingredients, and it also means crazy overzealous behavior.

I was shocked that my husband had the energy, but after hours of work he decided to sit down and tell me a tale, a food tale of epic consequence. Turns out a friend of his has a bi-racial grandchild. Well this child is being raised by his Americanized mom and since turning 3 has rejected all Japanese tasting food.

His fear is that this disaster will happen to our son. Heaven forbid a child of a Japanese chef hate Japanese food!

Now this is where I come in. My husband gives me this look of disdain before I could say ‘miso’. He urged me vehemently to become fluent in preparing Japanese home cooked meals so that our son would not fall from grace.
I understand his position, it would be a bit of an embarrassment for him, but must I become Morimoto?

I love Japanese food, I just don’t want to be forced to prepare it or feel guilty for feeding my child healthy food from my culture or any other culture for that matter.

Unsure of what to do I nodded and said, “Yes Honey”. I always answer his insanity the same way.

This issue is not resolved, I am still charged with becoming a private Iron Chef for an infant but I would love to know what you think, or how you would handle the situation.

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