Never Give Up!

We take breaks, we take breathers…but we never give up.

April was pretty busy for us as a family. All over the world things have been happening so rapidly. Changing so drastically…so rapidly. I find myself sitting here in Japan wondering if I am doing the right thing. Those moments of doubt and uncertainty can haunt you when you are passionate about life.

One of my good friends from NY came to visit weeks ago and he left me some lovely books. This is one of them:

When I feel down, I immediately try to search for inspiration. Something to lift my spirits. Books are usually the prefect pick me up. Although I love the idea of ebooks, I need to touch paper. I feel so happy about opening this book this week. Although I have to read a page a day at times it is really a joy to read. I have never really been drawn to “Love” books because they seemed too touchy feely to me. As touchy feely as I am, the types of things that are usually written never appealed to me. They never really seemed applicable in real life.

As I began chapter I The wounded mind; it became very apparent that I was going to be up late nights to finish this book. The children could pop awake if they wanted to…but this book will be finished soon.

It looks like this book is about abundance, healing, love of self and love of others. Not as romantic as the title suggests…then I realize that this is the same author of The Four Agreements. A book that Mrs. Martin suggested to us on periscope months ago.

So yes. I took a brief pause to catch my breath. Golden Week is over, the kids are getting on a solid routine, and I am full of ideas. We pause, we rest…but we never give up.

Be Well,

Tara Kamiya

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