Tara Kamiya


One, two, baby’s due

Three, four, rather sleep on the floor

Five, six, Braxton Hicks

Seven, eight, start to lactate

Nine, ten, never sleep again

Who knew babies were like Freddy Kruger?!

When you become a mother you never sleep how you did before becoming a mother. If it’s not to fill some need for your child,  it’s fear or worry that will keep you awake for years to come. I got a real taste of it last night.

It was such a challenge, if My Baby was not waking up to fuss or nurse, I was dreaming about the horrible nightmares that moms have. Babies crying uncontrollably, babies getting lost, sick babies, running with babies, etc.

The weather did not help either. For some reason last night seemed humid beyond normal. My entire house smelled like a wet NYC sidewalk and I did not want to open the bedroom window for fear that more moisture coming in the window would make the house even more uncomfortable.

My Honey did not help the situation either. Just as I was about to shut my eyes, he would pop up equally aggravated by the humidity. Since he sleeps like a maniac every night anyway this was an added pain in the butt!

So here we are bright and early on a Thursday morning.  My Honey informs me that my in-laws are coming to visit in July. Great! Now I have to cram my Level 4 Japanese in two months. It should be enough time if I am consistent. It is so tough to keep up with my Japanese when I don’t speak it every day. My Honey is no help because he uses so much slang and speaks so fast, I’m better off talking to Rosetta Stone. All of these responsibilities mounting without the aid of a well-rested brain. Goodness, I am going back to sleep as soon as My Honey hits the front door for work.

sleeping baby
Only Babies get to Sleep!

8 thoughts on “Never Sleep Again………

  1. Tara!!!!! Congratulations!!!! He is a doll!! Can’t wait to hear all about your mommy adventures!!! Message me if you have any questions whatsoever!!!

  2. Great post Tara! He is such a cutie! I totally get you on the sleep though. My daughter’s almost three and my sleep still isn’t what it once was. I usually try to use hubby’s days off to catch up and that helps. Lots of love going out to you and that beautiful family! Take care of yourself! =)

  3. Indeed, those first few months were really rough when Megan would wake up every 2-3 hours. She wouldn’t nap long throughout the day either. Momma was losing it. But thankfully she set on her sleeping schedule and starting sleeping through the night eventually! And waking up the same time each morning.

  4. It seems over whelming now but time goes so fast and you will sleep again and the children will grow up. Enjoy them now because it will be different when they grow up. I have six children and my youngest is 20, I was pregnant 5 years straight and use to cry for lake of sleep but now I look back and have beautiful memories of the kids. Thank God they are healthy and you can enjoy them. Smile!

  5. Also while you are enjoying your husband’s culture don’t forget to teach your children about your African American heritage they need a balance because one day when they grow older they will need that in their lives as well.

  6. Absolutely! We are going to take a trip to Africa when the kids are a bit older, and no we are not going to see the animals. We are going to see the Africans.LOL Thanks for reading. Be Well

  7. That’s great happy for you! I have a little girl’s book that I’m working on putting it in Japanese and when I finish it I will let you see it.

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