Tara Kamiya


Clean and Ready for Play!

With the holidays approaching and more paychecks not approaching many parents are turning to Toygaroo. This is a delightful service that allows you to rent toys for a period of time. The toys arrive clean and shrink wrapped ready for play.  I tried this service about two months ago and loved seeing that big box of toys come to my door. Now that my two months is up I can send them back for new toys, switching them out as I please.
There are many different plans and I chose the most cost efficient one to start with. I must say I am happy, but this is not really a good deal for city folk, I’ll tell you why.
The shipping service used does not pick up at residences. Well, I don’t have to tell you that getting on the train or bus with a big ass box is not going to happen. I had to find a way to get the box to a drop off facility. So basically I am limited to toys that fit into small boxes.
That is my personal drama but I highly suggest everyone try this. Kids only play with the toys a short time before they become obsolete. If we all did this it would also be another way to keep it green!

Christmas comes early!

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