October already!

Fire Truck Ride

Last Days of Summer

Goodness, I looked up and totally forgot to share with your guys anything that happened in September!

We have just been enjoying the last few moments of summer.Thankfully and finally, it was quiet around here, no drama, but I do want to share with you guys what is happening this month.

This month we will harvest our rice, go to the Omanto Festival, and go to the Onsen again with Mom and her side of the family.

We are also excited this month because Max is 6 months old! Yey, but the reality is that it is going by quickly this time. I feel like I just had him. He can sit up and pulled up to stand already.

Stay tuned.

I found a lovely little thing called YouTube Capture and it allows me to drop videos on you guys directly to YouTube from my iPhone. I think I may be a real vlogger now.

Enjoy your day!

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