Summer is Coming! Plan ahead for Family Fun

Summer is coming, and what better time to start making plans for family fun! If you’ve planned for time off work, now is the time to think about days out, educational activities and vacations. If you’re worried about battling boredom or filling days without spending a fortune, here are some ideas.


If you have a vacation booked, you’re probably counting down the days until you hit the road or take to the skies. If you haven’t already booked anything, and you’re hoping to go away, you may be able to get some great last-minute deals. Search online for hotels and flights. If you can’t afford to go abroad, why not have a staycation? You could embark on a road trip or rent a beach house? Alternatively, why not hire an RV and go camping in the great outdoors?

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Days Out

The school holidays are long. Even if you’re going away for a couple of weeks, you still have plenty of time to fill. Days out are a fantastic way to give everyone something to look forward to and spend quality time together. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a fabulous day out. Pack up a picnic and take it to the park. Grab your wetsuits, pack a lunch and hit the beach. Go for a nature walk or visit some local museums. If you’re working, you could try and make arrangements with siblings or friends. One day you could take the kids and the next, they could have them for you. This means that you don’t need to use all your holiday, and the kids will still have a great time.

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Summer Camp

If you work and you’re worried about child care or your kids getting bored in the summer, why not consider summer camp? Summer camp is a fantastic way for children to access all kinds of fun activities, meet new friends and learn to live more independently. It may be daunting to wave goodbye to your children, but this is a really valuable experience. At summer camp, no two days are the same. It’s likely that your kids will return desperate to regale you with tales of adventure and unforgettable experiences.

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Quality time at home

In the summer holidays, it’s highly likely that you’ll have at least a few days of chilling out at home. Just because you’re at home, this doesn’t mean that your days will be uneventful. Get out in the garden and play some games. Splash around in the pool or blow up a shallow wading  pool. Invite friends over for a light lunch. If it’s raining outside, don’t let this ruin your plans for a day of family fun. Get your aprons on and create a feast. Grab the paints and make a family masterpiece. Dress up and pretend you’re at the shop. Make up stories or try and make a model village out of boxes and packets. There are endless activities out there if you’re willing to be a little creative and imaginative.

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Summer is coming. This may be great news, but it can also be daunting for parents. If you’re worried about keeping the kids entertained, keep a few of these suggestions in mind. Most importantly, have a fantastic summer together!

Thank you for reading. This is a sponsored post that I was happy to share on my blog.

Be Well,

Tara Kamiya

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Never Give Up!

We take breaks, we take breathers…but we never give up.

April was pretty busy for us as a family. All over the world things have been happening so rapidly. Changing so drastically…so rapidly. I find myself sitting here in Japan wondering if I am doing the right thing. Those moments of doubt and uncertainty can haunt you when you are passionate about life.

One of my good friends from NY came to visit weeks ago and he left me some lovely books. This is one of them:

When I feel down, I immediately try to search for inspiration. Something to lift my spirits. Books are usually the prefect pick me up. Although I love the idea of ebooks, I need to touch paper. I feel so happy about opening this book this week. Although I have to read a page a day at times it is really a joy to read. I have never really been drawn to “Love” books because they seemed too touchy feely to me. As touchy feely as I am, the types of things that are usually written never appealed to me. They never really seemed applicable in real life.

As I began chapter I The wounded mind; it became very apparent that I was going to be up late nights to finish this book. The children could pop awake if they wanted to…but this book will be finished soon.

It looks like this book is about abundance, healing, love of self and love of others. Not as romantic as the title suggests…then I realize that this is the same author of The Four Agreements. A book that Mrs. Martin suggested to us on periscope months ago.

So yes. I took a brief pause to catch my breath. Golden Week is over, the kids are getting on a solid routine, and I am full of ideas. We pause, we rest…but we never give up.

Be Well,

Tara Kamiya

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Scammed in Japan

Meet Keisha!

keisha brissette

Keisha Brissette is a black woman living in Japan. Her blog caught my eye and made me blush. Her writing style is comedic genius. I see her doing big things in the future. Keisha describes herself as 100% Jamaican. Her blog is like the jerk chicken combination of buzzfeed and luvvie. I love it! This post, Scammed in Japan was originally posted on Keisha’s blog . Subscribe to to get her updates. 

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Why you need a Cyber Water Cooler

I’m a blogger. Blogging is one of my primary sources of income(as it was written, so it shall be done), my work is mostly in front of my computer. There are no physical co-workers in my business. Sometimes it can get lonely and I am prone to feeling “rut” like symptoms at least once a month. I need a cyber water cooler and here is why you probably need a cyber water cooler too.

Just recently I was introduced to a Facebook group for bloggers. It has been an amazing source of upliftment. Not only are the women in the group generous and resourceful, but they are funny. It was within the last two months or so that I realized that wow; I need this cyber water cooler!

hijiki salad

Lunch break by SOLDELI

I need that break in the day or break in the week when I can engage in some witty banter and chat about how business is going. Sometimes there is hot tea at the watercooler and everyone needs that now and then. The “gossip” is never malicious, catty or negative. Usually,  the women share insider tips that us newbies eat up. Today I learned about something that could have saved me quite a bit of embarrassment.

tara kamiya

I got this!

If you work from home, in front of your computer or have little human interaction in your work, you might want to consider a cyber watercooler situation. Try joining a group or thread of professionals. Just having someone to vent to at times relieves a lot of stress. Just about any social media platform can serve as that. I like the Facebook groups. Once you start to form relationships within the group, there is always a chance for you to take your conversation into private and form real lasting friendships.  


The women in the group are often cheerleaders that help you find your courage to make that next big move. Since I have started chatting with other bloggers, a lot of fear has dissipated. Seeing what other women have accomplished makes me feel proud. I want to achieve success fearlessly. I want to fully accept abundance in all aspects of my life. When you have a source of inspiration and empowerment that becomes easy.

At our cyber water cooler we are turning water into wine.

Cheers ladies!

Be Well,

Tara Kamiya

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