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We are in the midst of big changes right now. Moving to Japan, running around trying to see everyone before we leave, emptying an apartment in less than 30 days, and raising an 11 month old. Wow!

So why would I try to start E.C.-ing my child?

Well to be honest, I’d heard about E.C. and my sister did it. I just though it was nuts and forgot about it. Now that I am coming closer to baby’s first birthday and just about finished reading ‘Beyond the Sling’ I am all on board. Thanks Mayim Bialik!

So what is E.C.?


Literally E.C. stands for Elimination Communication and basically it is training your baby to become aware of his bowels or ability to eliminate waste from his body as soon as he comes out of the womb! This is totally different from “Potty Training”. You can check out this resource for more info.

I have chosen to start this because, well, I believe in it! I also believe in raising my child with very little influence from the consumer culture that has taken over our souls. To keep money in my bank account and out of the greedy hands of stuff pushers; I breastfed, I had a homebirth and I will get that little butt over a potty! We are spending thousands of dollars on all this stuff that could go towards my son’s college, business or backpacking travel fund!

I also try to stay away from all of this cartoon character stuff. I have little if any cartoon inspired things in my home. Everything is generic or just baby stuff. That cartoon on the lunch box is not making your child happy parents, the lunch inside is… just saying.

I really hope I can share this with all of my readers. I am not going to actually start until I get to Japan but I can’t wait! I wonder what My Honey is going to say about this.’Lucy this time you’ve gone too far!’*in bad Cuban accent*

What do you think about E.C.?

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