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Pregnancy Island
by Julian Abram Wainwright on November 21, 2008

When you become pregnant you live in pregnancy land. Everything you do, eat and read is about your pregnancy.

 I confirmed this while watching the new reality show ‘Bethenny Ever After. I love Bethanny, she brings an unconventional realness to reality TV that could probably only be observed from a lens pointed at New York City. As I was watching, I realized how the Emotional Signposts of going into labor mirror the emotional signposts of watching Bethanny Frankel on TV.

Emotional Signposts of Going into Labor:

  1. Excitement
  2. Seriousness
  3. Self-doubt
  4. Victory ( I added this one myself, it’s when you actually get the baby out)

Excitement: When you turn on the TV you get so psyched that you get to watch a new chapter in her life. Unsure of how she does it all, she successfully runs around from engagement to engagement, managing family time and looking very chic at the same time. You can feel the adrenaline rush through the TV and you feel great vicariously.

Seriousness: Then there is the presentation of “the problem”, oh no, will she scare her in-laws? Will she offend them? Will her husband be smiling after the ‘bluefly.com’ commercial break?

Self-Doubt: You start to question if you can co-sign her snarky remarks for another season or if she will do something way out of line that offends you so much that you have to deny that you ever went to her web site or bought a bottle of ‘skinny girl’.

Victory: Ultimately in the end, all is victorious, with the help of the therapist there is a new breakthrough and you tune in for another emotional 4 phases of NYC awesomeness on TV that is Bethanny.

I will definitely be watching next week. After not watching TV for a year, it is amazing that I have gotten to this place. The guilty pleasures of being on maternity leave.

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