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Raining in our garden

The rainy season has begun in Japan. The weather maps shows rain all over the island and that means lots of specials on rain boots and rain coats in the shopping mall.

It also means that natsu(eggplant) is growing in many gardens and the tamanigi(onion) has been harvested from most gardens. It is so cool to see vegetables in season and eat them when you are supposed to. We still buy whatever we want from the grocery store, but we eat what is in season as well. I have been eating onion for about a month and a half and  all I have to say is wow! I had no idea that an onion could have no smell. It is like water, no strong smell or taste. Mostly we have been eating them raw.


If you should visit Japan, do not cheat yourself out of trying a lot of foods that you probably do not like at home. You may find yourself surprised. I  do not eat raw onion in NYC, but here it is totally different. Same thing with the egg. The difference in egg is so different I may do a whole post and video on it!

Things are going well in the family. Mom is feeling good and most days we forget she is sick at all. It is interesting having 4 generations live in the same area together. I can watch the behaviors of persons 92 to 2 years of age. To everyone reading, please be sure to plan for your future. It is very tough to be 92 if you should be blessed to make it. The other day ojiisan(grandfather) wandered off and we had to send out a search party for him. Thank goodness we live in a small town. We finally found him on one of our other properties grooming the lawn. Even at 92 he is no slacker!LOL He was brought home, chastised, and we had a good giggle about it.

Now I feel like I just want to be fluent. Even though I am living immersed in the language there are few chances for me to produce a full sentence. I live with my family and if you think about it, you hardly ever turn to your mom and ask,`Would you like to go to the shopping mall with me today?’ You probably go, `ma, youwannagotodamall?’ So lately I have been making an effort to just go ahead and be akward so that I can practice correct sentence structure. I also watch a lot of japanese language stuff on youtube.

I am so excited. One day I will be able to type a whole post in Japanese. Maybe go to get a Master’s in Japan. That would be awesome!

Many people are shocked that I am learning to read and write in Japanese as well as speak. Why? If I lived in America and could not read and write I would be considered a moron, or at the very least illiterate and uneducated. So for me, there is no reason why I am going to sit in this country and not learn to be a productive member of society. Also, I was given a 3 year visa. I would hate to have them kick me out of Japan after 3 years because I am not fit to work or contribute to society in any way.

Well, at least I have a baby right? In Japan we are compensated for having children. Yes Darling! I get paid for my child. MONTHLY UNTIL HE IS 15! I am not ready to give up my citizenship to America, but lawd, Japan is welcoming.LOL

Be Well!

3 thoughts on “Rainy Season + Updates

  1. I’ve just started reading your blog and I must say thank you. After a mentally exhausting day this particular post was very comforting. 🙂

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