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Coffee is best in an Engrish text mug!LOL
Coffee is best in an Engrish text mug!LOL

I’ve read about moms who lose themselves many times before I had children. I revisited those articles time and time again after having my children. I did not want to be one of those women. Sure, there are many articles to counter, they  tell you enjoy that fat ass you now have, just enjoy your children and thank heavens you have them. This is all true, but you cannot enjoy anything if you are dying inside because you are not being true to yourself.

I am starting to remember who I was and always will be. It has nothing to do with my kids actually and more about just forgetting that there is more to life than survival. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in making sure the house is clean and everyone has what they need I forget the extras. To smile, to laugh, to be silly and enjoy. My mind is always fast forwarding to the practical functional tasks of the day.

My husband invited me out today and my first thought was….ugh, I did not do my hair last night, how am I gonna clean up so fast? My first thought should have been cool, let me get ready.

This can easily go on for years before you realize that you are the one making life suck.

Today I am going to write down all of who I was and still am and remember to get to being myself daily! The kids will sleep at some point. I can take time for myself. They will appreciate it.

Right now we are enjoying Golden Week in Japan. There are events, but I chose to take them to the library and get a few books in English. I was so happy to find a place that had them not too far away. The simple joy of reading in English. 10 books and I am sure we will read each of them at least twice this week.

Having a peaceful night.

Happy May!




3 thoughts on “Remembering who I am

  1. Well you have three children This is time consuming. I read something saying something like time is not an unlimited resource and you have to let go of something ( even doing nothing or watching tv) for new projects or time for yourself when you are a mom. Also if you can invest kindle fire is super nice 🙂

  2. Tara I am glad to see that you realize the importance of taking time and care of your self. So many woman before they know it have let the ball slip and wonder why their marriage fall apart after being married a while but let me tell you, you have to always value you as a person. I have a friend who says her husband don’t spend enough time with her, she thrives on trying to get his attention but she don’t invest in her self, her appearance or her life outside of him. Respect is demanded by letting him know that you are a whole person outside of him and that you are desirable not only by him but others. It is a good thing to turn the heads of other men every now and then. Men have ego and nobody wants what they think no other person want’s. So wow always take time to beautify yourself, love your self and make sure he does the same. When the children grow up and leave home which they will it will be you and him.

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