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Will you miss me GG?
Will you miss me GG?

As the summer comes to a close I am starting to prepare. We are planning to go back to America for the holidays. I did not do hardly any videos and while most would say, hey you have a new baby, I just feel lazy.

Especially since I value my viewers.

I am super isogashi(busy) and we are making our lists and checking it twice.
My preschooler is sick very often and it is nerve racking. I ask around and all the parents say that it is normal when they start interacting with other kids, but I just find myself on edge. Sick children are kowai(scary). They are so little and there is hardly ever anything you can do.I have been on raw food patrol, thinking up nutrient rich foods I can feed my son who is allergic to lots of stuff.

My 4 month old is Genki(energetic/healthy)! He rolls around a lot, but now he is getting too big for his baby bed. I am debating on whether I should go ahead and get bunk beds now before it gets cold, they can sleep in those until they are 18.Hahaha!

So Thanksgiving & Christmas we will be in America and I am already thinking about reverse culture shock. You know when you go back home and think, ugh this sucks…..was it always this way? Hahaha, I know after all my drama of adjusting here I am going to deal with it all over again in my own country. Well, at least I will not be freezing my ass off. My mom lives in Florida and thank goodness it is always warm.My honey will come to America after us, and we will anxiously be waiting for him. We have a fun family and we love to be together. It is a lot of work, but you get what you put into it.

I think I have done my bit this year. It is hard to believe time passes so quickly. There are already green balls on the orange tree and in about 2 months we will be up to our eyeballs in Mikan(oranges). We also have a Kaki(Persimmon) tree. The fruit is very good and I will see if I can make a sorbet this year out of the fruit. I do love all my fresh food in Japan, I will miss it for the few months I will be in the States. Hopefully we will be there about 3 months. I know I will not want to come back, but Japan is my life now. My children are counting on me to set them up for success and I think Japan is the place.

3 thoughts on “Reverse Culture Shock

  1. This is the first time I am doing something like this. I don’t know how it’s going to come out but I want to thank you. You painted a beautiful picture of the country I love. I first went to Japan in 1957 and every five years I returned to Japan. the last time I was there was in 1981. I love that country and its beautiful people. They were wonderful to me as a black male. Enjoy yourself for your are with some beautiful people. Thank you. Keep doing what you are doing

  2. Well my fiance is Cambodian and I’m black with a dominican background I speak Spanish and I don’t know we are thinking about having some babies cute mix. Any way you have a nice beautiful family u seem. Very happy goodbye take care.

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