Sit your @ss down!

Haha! Yes, Mako Chan was wild in that car last week.

I could not chance another outing like that. Like I said, dangerous and scary.

Honey went to get a new car seat for Megumi Chan this weekend.

When I saw the car seat, I realized that we are on the same page…..crazy.

The car seat looks like the inside of a Benz! I think it is really starting to hit us that Megumi Chan is our last baby and our only baby girl. When my husband unboxed that car seat I did not say a word, I knew it was expensive.

Fancy Ride

To be fair, we saved a lot of money with the boys! We get a stipend from the government for each child, and my husband works his butt off. With the first born I spent maybe $200 a year on clothes if that. Hand me downs held me down. And the second born I spent even less. We did not buy a stroller, car seat, clothes or much else for 4 years!

Have a seat young man!

Have a seat young man!

As a new mom, you want to have nice things for your kids, but I am a new/old mom. Well, not old, but I am not in my 20s. It was much more important for me to be able to fly wherever I wanted  then to have my kids in new brand name clothes. We hate the winter in Japan, no central heat… heard my bellyaching if you have been reading my blog. So basically, I look at everything in terms of plane tickets. If it comes to over $500 I start thinking about getting on a plane.

We have many more adventures coming up. Hope to share with you.

Be Well!

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