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It’s been a long time I shouldn’t have left you. Well let me fill you in; My Honey was on vacation for 17 days, My In-laws came to stay with us, and I am turning our home into a daycare.
Am I forgiven yet for not blogging?

Some of you have been patiently waiting for my body reveal pic and here it is.

Post Baby Body

No body slimmers are on, and I am not sucking in my gut. This is me, as I am every day. Now at 133lbs, just 8lbs away from my goal. This is a weird thing to say because I could be at my goal right now, back to 125lbs but it is advised not to restrict calories so much when breastfeeding. So I am thinking about how long I want to breastfeed. Something people don’t tell you is that you are really making a 2 year commitment to looking like hell when you plan to have a baby. I tried to put on my makeup this weekend and I only got as far as lip-gloss. With that said this is why I urge you to not pack on the pounds cuz all you really got is your figure. My false eyelashes are still in the case. Who can put on lashes with a baby crying to be nursed? Not me I tell you! Another thing is that all of that gorgeous pregnancy hair has shed and I look like somebody pulled off my lacefront wig! Well I am getting creative here hoping My Honey doesn’t miss the hair too much. There is plenty other stuff to play with, *wink wink.
I hope you enjoy the picture and send me any questions you may have. I am going to shoot you guys lots of posts since I know I am behind.
*Kisses from mommy land*

One thought on “Tara K. Where have you been?

  1. You look fabulous! your husband is very lucky to have you as wife.
    You are absolutely beautiful black Barbie!

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