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Friday was my actual birthday. It seems awkward that I have to choose one day to celebrate my birthday. From the time I was able to control my celebration, I’d decided that I would celebrate the entire month. I mean, think of it, when my mom was expecting me, she had no idea when I would be born. I can only assume that once her due date drew near she had feelings of excitement, impending relief and anxiety all swirling around before I would make my appearance.

As an expectant mother, when I reached 37 weeks I had those feelings, thinking, my little baby could come at any time now. So I think, why not celebrate that entire last month of pregnancy as my birthday.

Other than enjoying my current maternity leave what else is there? I can’t walk far, drink alcohol, dance, or go to the spa. What’s left? Anticipating my baby and perhaps having some good food and some good company. I think that suits me just fine. Hopefully my mom will come over later sharing her latest exploits about her trip to Brazil.

My mom is a fun outgoing person, nothing like the little old grandmothers that you may remember from years past.  With her second grandchild on the way, my mother manages to live a full active life void of support hose. One time we went out and showed up wearing similar outfits!

Now before you get a picture in your mind of ‘Janice Combs’ or ‘Donatella Versace’, my mom is not tacky or over the top. She is trendy, tasteful and always appropriate. I love her! Sometimes I wonder what it’s  like to have one of those granny type moms. It seems that when you have a granny type mom the meddling factor is higher and that is something I never have to worry about. My mom imparts her knowledge, makes a face and steps back.

How lucky I am, Happy Birth Month to me!

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