Tara Kamiya


It is that time again and I am so excited. Last week we planted rice for the year. Ootosan makes enough rice to feed the whole family for the year. This year I was the one who made lunch for everyone for the Taue!

It was a big deal for me, especially with 2 kids, it was hard work. I made 12 onigiri and salad. I had to buy the rest to make a full bento, but it was still a big deal for me to just do the small bit that I did. For me to be trusted with such an important job. Planting rice is hard work and the men are always hungry after the work gets started.

The men wake up early, start, then have lunch and finish about 3pm or so. We have several fields so this is a tough job especially for our family.

I took video again this year with more detail and more footage and I cannot wait to throw it up on YouTube! If all goes well it should be up next week. Here are a few photos of the men.

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