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Yes I did!
Yes I did!

In no particular order:

  • my kids were literally pulling it out; to wake me up, when I picked them up, for fun, by accident, I had patches I tell you!
  • I had no time to really care for it, I always had on a hat, or wig anyway.
  • It was long, but dry and uneven, I never styled it…see previous.
  • Something in this climate is making my skin nuts, I had cradle cap and I never had so much as dandruff my entire life!
  • I was just sick of sleeping on all that hair, I could not feel wind, rain or sun on my head……………that houses my brain.
  • Longhairdontcare2011 another YouTuber died. I am sure she did not give a damn about hair when she was in the hospital. She was a beautiful young girl and while it is nice to have long hair thick hair, I am sure she would have traded it for her health. In short,,,,,,focus on what is really important.
  • I was sick of pulling on it. The longer your hair is the more it gets in trouble. A zipper, a chair, the side of a building, I was annoyed.
  • I am happy. Who needs hair when you are happy.
  • If my husband doesn’t know who he is dealing with, he does now.
  • I have been listening to Ralph Smart on You Tube. AWESOME!!!!
  • I jumped out of a plane what’s a few naps on the floor!LOL…..and much like now, it was at a point in my life where I had to get out of the comfort zone and stir up the universe and let it know I am ready for ultimate blessings.
  • I wanted to know if I could really do it…..yes
  • Who cares! Like I said, I am healthy and have so much to be thankful for. Including the ability to grow back a full head of gorgeous hair.
  • Japan is a horrible place for afros…lint, dryness, just horrible.
  • Now everyone I know can say, “Remember the time you shaved your head.” LOL

2 thoughts on “The many reasons I shaved my head

  1. Hi Tara
    Just wanted to say hello, I’m a Japanese expat living in Chicago for almost one-quarter century & I enjoy reading your blog very much!! You are so positive and full of life! You have a beautiful family. I love watching your Youtube episodes… reminds me of my grandma’s home (she’s passed long time ago). A NY native like you, it must have been quite a culture shock, but you’re a type of person who can make the best out of any situation, not matter where you live. I admire your bohemian soul. I have my own share of stories about my American life, though I’m so used to it by now, to the point it has become my “norm”. But I still miss being able to go out alone pretty much anytime…the super vendor machines…bento stores…(lol)…better public transportation than “L”…the list goes on! Oh not to mention Chicago’s brutal winter!!! Yes, we may have central heating, but…we’re pretty much cooped up inside for the most part of winter and I won’t see my friends till next spring. My husband & I have been trying to cope with this by allowing us for several-week-getaway to West Indies, as long as our finance allows it. And we all come out of our “burrows” in May. It’s just so damn cold for a girl from Southern West part of Japan (Shikoku, please come visit, if you both ever get a chance, it’s another gorgeous place). But anyway please keep us updated via your blog &YouTube. I notice some trolls/miserable souls occasionally leave malicious comments, but haters are everywhere. Please keep us updated for your home renovations! God bless you & your family,

  2. I have been watching you and your family off and on for some times now. I thought you had stopped blogging, I am a old enough to be your mom and I felt sorry when I saw what you were going through when you first moved to Japan. I told my husband about your story and he told me to pray for you. I have 6 kids, 20,21,22,23,24, and 27 and my youngest two daughters love Japanese culture, movies and everything so that is one of the reasons I started looking at your blog. You are a brave young lady.

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