Time to Make the Rice お米

This is the time of year in Japan when people are making rice. There are many different types of rice and the one our family grows needs to be planted now. I have some footage also, I may upload a bit later. For now take a look at a few pics from one of our rice fields.

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rice tractor

My Honey and My Baby


Rice Plant

Rice Plant


Rice Field Mud

Rice is Planted in Mud


Tabi Shoes

Tabi Shoes


Rice Farmer

Thanks Otoosan!


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3 Responses to Time to Make the Rice お米

  1. Gwendolyn Bailey says:

    It’s odd to see the juxtaposition of the modern and the ancient in these pics. The rice field is not out in the country like I would have pictured. It looks like it’s right off the street!

  2. Tara Kamiya says:

    It is right off the street, that is what is strange. It is across from McDonald’s actually! Many fields are like that. There is farmland next to homes and businessess where I am.

  3. Becca says:

    Love the pic of you three together!

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