Toddler to be!

Baby stands at 6 months

Gimmie that Coffee mom!

Only the first week of being 6 months and My Baby has stood on his own two feet. I was shocked when he tried to get my coffee, I guess like mother like son! So much going on in the household this week. In addition to standing My Baby also had his first drink from a cup. I just thought it would be cool to amuse myself so I put about 2 tablespoons of water (room temp/bottled) in a sippy cup and he actually drank it. I took video of his second helping. [It’s not good to give babies too much water, so please check with your pediatrician before giving water.] Very cool, now I have hopes of going out to dinner with a dignified baby soon.

Well, what else. Oh yeah, My Honey probably has carpel tunnel. Great right! I guess it is an occupational hazard. My Honey is a chef and it happens to the best of them. Especially when you are making sushi and cutting all day. Today he is going to the doctor to get a proper diagnosis. At 3am he called his mom in Japan who happens to be a retired nurse and she in so many words (that I don’t understand) said that would most likely be the
problem, carpel tunnel. After reading I also discovered that it can be brought on by psycho social factors, hmmmmmmmmm. I think My Honey is ready for a change of scenery on the job front but I guess we will wait and see what happens.

My life is chugging along. I have a bad patch of eczema on my hands, so bad that I had to take off my wedding ring. I am very upset about this primarily because I hate to walk around with a baby and have people think I am not married. Socially people expect African American women to be ‘Baby Mammas’ and I really hate that stereotype that unfortunately is common. Anyways, I am trying to keep the stress and sugar to a minimum and hopefully it goes away. I am still waiting on the inspectors to come and give me my license for my Family Daycare. One of my ventures is to do daycare in my home, and I have all the trimmings except for my license. I would really like to get going with this and
I hope to blog about how I am doing that later on, but for now you guys are getting family updates.

I’m also preparing to teach a workshop Saturday on how to make bags from your old tee shirts

Upcycling is awesome and I hope there is a good turnout. I bought some supplies yesterday and I’m a little nervous. What if people come who need lots of help? I only have one hour to teach! I think I need to make a little lesson plan, yeah, let me do that now while My Baby is sleep. Until next time!

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