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This week Thursday, My Baby turns 2.

blasian child sleep
Sick with the preschool bug

Over the past two years there have been a lot of emotions and growth.

I have been overwhelmed in many ways, but the joy has never changed. My child has severe food allergies which makes socializing difficult but as we are privy to good health care here in Japan, taking various tests has given us some comfort and options.

I feel great about my family. Baby #2 is on the way and Alex is becoming more and more independent everyday. He has also started Preschool. My husband is doing well at his job and I am still able to keep my housewife status. We just renovated to add in a new kitchen and dining room so despite the brutal winter things are looking up and I have much to report.

Here is a look at what My Baby can do now.

  • put on his own socks, shoes, pants, and underwear
  • undress himself
  • sing ABC’s with me
  • count with me(alone up to 5)
  • request whatever he wants
  • speak fluent Japanese
  • translate English to Japanese
  • play alone
  • remember events and retell them
  • eat alone neatly
  • sleep without being rocked to sleep (thank goodness)

I am so thankful for his development. He is sharp and we hope that he continues to go on as a happy, healthy child. The terrible twos are in full effect with tantrums and all, but it does not outweigh what a positive and happy child he is. I will be sure to post pics of his birthday, that is if I do not go into labor. I am due April 6th, but my midwife says the baby is getting big in there, he may come early.

I guess we will see.



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