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My Luck
My Luck

Well as it turns out America is unseasonably cold. What luck.Hahah. I have to laugh about it. I am warm where I am, but I expected it to be straight up hot and it’s not.

I am going through a lot of emotions. I am so overwhelmed with trying to decide what to bring back to Japan. There is the stuff I want, the stuff I need and the stuff I am scared to be without.

I have gotten 80% of everything I made a list of…..so far. Thankfully the only stuff I need to get for the kids is English and Spanish books and DVDs. They have all the clothes and toys they need back in Japan.

I am also anxious about what my mentality will be going back to Japan to live in the traditional setting. Before I left I made a bunch of friends that are young and know where all the western stuff it.  I have been introduced to city life and I am starting to get a taste for it now that I know how close it is, about 45 minutes to Dean and Deluca.LOL!

I am still devoted to being that great mom and housewife, but I was born and raised in NYC, and spend my adult years in fabulous jobs and clubs. No matter how tired you are of that mess you can’t give it up overnight.

My mom has been an angel, cooking, cleaning, and driving us around. I am scared to drive alone with the boys. My two-year old is just a ball of energy and I am still a new mom.

For now I am trying to relax and enjoy civilization. thrift finds coming soon.

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