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It is that time again. Valentine’s Day in Japan.

white chocolate

Women buy chocolates or make them and give them to men. I was shocked when I first of learned of this, and honestly I did not believe it until I moved here. Any basic search on the internet will turn up some pretty decent results on the history of Valentine’s Day here in Japan. There is also a White Day in which women receive chocolates, but that just makes me feel like it’s a sad and sorry attempt at equality.

There are racks and racks of displays in the mall and grocery stores for Valentine’s Day. Godiva is in the house and it is all for men.

Am I going to buy chocolates for a dude?

That was clear no for about 4 years now, but I am feeling strange. My husband came home one night and was playfully discussing the advance chocolates that his friend had already received. Dear Lord! Is this high school? He had that look in his eye like…make sure my chocolates are on fleek this weekend. We don’t do that though…right?

Perhaps both of us are starting to get worn down from the culture. Even though my husband is Japanese he does not subscribe to every aspect of the culture and participate in all of the traditional as well as non traditional Western import holidays. This year I think I will indulge him. We are here to have fun, I mean all of us on this planet. Why not. We are not going to magically wake up the next day as conformist dolts for buying some damn chocolates.

Besides, I think our family is complete. Perhaps if he gets his chocolates he can stop talking about baby #4. *runs and hides*

Have a great weekend everyone!

8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day in Japan

  1. when in Rome … Shall I say more. Until u move back to the states but the man chocolate … Be creative… Dress up in a bow … Tell him your his chocolate dream

  2. Oh,Why not? Have some fun … Buy your wonderful hardworking providing hubby his chocolates … It’s all about love and fun

  3. Your are so Blessed an so is he. I got 20 years an 3 children later. My husband can still barely tell me 4 times out the year he loves me. An I paid the half a million for our new home. But I see love between you 2. That is why you an a few others that I follow real love out here it is refreshing an I pray for you an other couples love an stay strong together its worth it.

  4. Why not Tara? If the man wants baby number 4, then give it to him. You are lucky, some people can produce children. Go for it while you still can!!

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