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Green Peppers Please

Right now I am living the dream. While other moms are scraping dried squash off of the walls I am in heaven. What do I mean? My Baby only eats vegetables. That’s right. 8 months old and not only does he eat only vegetables, but he prefers leafy green veggies at that!

I hear that taste preferences change over the years but I am enjoying the moment. As I sit here with cabbage leaves in my bra (weaning) I have a joy in my heart knowing that I could be feeding it to my infant son. What My Baby’s behavior has taught me is that there is definitely something to be said for genetics. Well, has to be.

When I was pregnant my sweet tooth was raging. I am talking ice-cream and candy time at the same time. I currently have a personal cheesecake defrosting as we speak. I am definitely addicted to sugar. It is my only downfall. All other aspects of my life are healthy and whole. I do not eat McDonald’s and I will have my nightly wheatgrass about 10pm. Just the sugar monkey stays on my back. Bummer Huh! I am fighting.  Anyway this must mean that My Baby takes after My Honey.

Last night he bought a white chocolate Kit Kat and ate half of it. Ha! I am laughing my ass off. Who eats half of a candy bar? That is how little sugar he eats. Another time I saw him buy candy and not eat it for weeks. He is the only person I know who can have sugar and not eat it right away.

Bless his heart and My Baby. Tomorrow we will have Spinach and Rice, his favorite.

4 thoughts on “Vegetable Eating Baby!

  1. My baby also LOVES her veggies! She is 6 months old and she eats beans, brown rice cereal and fruit. I tried carrots and she didn’t like that much. I am going to start other veggies into her diet, any suggestions? Great Blog!

  2. lucky you but let’s hope his preference for vegetables continues when he grows older. cuz u’re right, it doesn’t last forever..e.g my younger sister…until she was 3, she was not fussy at all..would eat anything my mom fed her(including vegetables) and after that, things changed..she’s 17 now and refuses to eat anything green. she despises the taste of vegtables.

  3. Hi Tara, Your son is so adorable! I even woke my friend up to show him the picture and he just smiled and said, yes he is cute, and went back to sleep (mind you I thought he was going to bite my head off for waking him). LOL!!

  4. I think it is a good idea to try veggies and fruits from other cultures. Try edamame, persimmon, and lychee. Put in a blender or bite size pieces. Only one per week to watch for possible allergy.

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