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I need Invisalign!!(then i will smile)

So it has been a super long time since I went to the dentist. When you are running behind a toddler, that is the last on your list unfortunately. Now my son is 16 months old and my teeth were getting gross so I went, today, finally.

I will be surprised in Japan for months to come, so I thought I would share a few things of my suprisement(not a word) with you guys.

First, we had to take off our shoes to enter the dentist’s office. This surprised me because it is a public place. Usually you remove your shoes to go into someone’s home, but the dentist’s office?

Also the machine the dentist used to take my x-rays. Perhaps I am late, but the machine was so different. This machine took my x-rays while I was standing. The machine did a 360 scan around my head and the pictures were instantly sent to the monitor above my dental chair. Super Cool!!!

The dentist I went to in NY was still using film and bite wings.LOL

I am sure these machines are super expensive so I am not judging!

My dentist was very good. His hand was light and efficient. After the cleaning I asked him if he could fix the gap that has developed in the front of my teeth and he referred me to a cosmetic dentist. For me it seems like a quick fix, nothing for a “cosmetic dentist”, but o-well. I guess I know what I want for Christmas.


We don’t celebrate Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Went to the Dentist Today

  1. Neither of us are Cristian so we do not celebrate Christmas. Besides that it is just a big waste of money. Few people I know really celebrate christmas the “Christian” way. But growing up, it was the best. My mom always gave us a celeb style Christmas.Good memories.

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