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First Book from Imagination Library

Wow what a difference a day makes. Yesterday I was coming off of a depressing weekend of having rain washed away My Honey’s only day off. I woke up Monday drowsy and annoyed. My Baby was itching, not sleeping and itwas so humid the whole house smelled like a wet shoe.

Fast forward to today, I feel like a million bucks. Last night I went to sleep right after taking a shot of wheatgrass, could that be my secret potion? That or it could be the coffee (I ran out of decaf and decidedto do just one cup of regular) but who cares. I woke up, kissed My Honeygoodbye and started the day with My Baby. Diaper change, wash up, breakfast, prayer, and My Baby’s skin is clear! This is a great day for me; we actually
have some kind of schedule rolling along here.

Just to give you some background, baby had developed aterrible rash virtually everywhere from my consumption of milk and sugar theprevious week. He will be 5 months next week and I am still nursing him. Thislead to nights covered in ointment and socks on hands in feet to prevent scratching. I had a hunch that it would not be a good idea to eat all that junk that my dad was serving up at his house, but that’s what grandparents do and who
knew it would be so bad. Well that’s all behind me now!

The daycare is coming along nicely and I am anticipating the call for inspection. O-that’s right, I did not tell you. I am opening a family daycare. How cool and arduous a task for a new mom. I love babies and I don’t want to leave mine so the decision was clear. I am looking forward to my new business venture and I am just about done. Yesterday I found some goodies at the discount store and my mom has blessed us with great art supplies. I am well qualified being the eldest of 5 and having a natural talent for dealing with
children. I also have my teaching background to help with some of the more
technical parts of the job. I also have my resourcefulness. I recently signed
up with Imagination Library and got the first book last week. One new book a
month until My Baby turns 5. Thanks Dolly Parton!

Lovely Day for a smile, what is your day like so far? Let me


2 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes!

  1. Prayer? I remember in one of your earlier blogs you mentioned you are not Christain. I don’t mean to be controversal or intrude on your privacy, but was discussing whether to raise your children religious or not hard?
    Thanks. 🙂

  2. Not at all. We are both Buddhists. My husband is not religious, but I explained to him that religion is good for teaching and discipline. He is more spiritual so we agree on exposing our children to certain concepts. I think we are going along fine. My son is 2 and he likes to pray, he does so by himself sometimes. Ultimately we just want to teach our kids to be good people.

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