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So most days obviously, I eat Japanese food. Breakfast = miso soup, rice, and egg. Some days we will have a little meat or fish.

coffee set in japan
No longer a regular breakfast for me

There are times when we order Pizza or have other “mall food” like hamburgers, but they are few.

For some reason I just started to think about what I have not eaten in the 2 months that I have been here(going on 3).

Here is a list in no particular order:

  1. breakfast cereal
  2. cheese
  3. cold cuts
  4. juice
  5. oatmeal
  6. gits
  7. jelly/jam/preserves
  8. any Mexican food
  9. hot dogs/franks

This does not mean that these things are not available here (somewhere), but it does mean that it is either, not easy to get, not cheap, or just not part of a regular diet here.

The most remarkable for me is cheese. It is very expensive and what I have found that is cheap is not good at all. I’d rather not eat it. In NY I would eat a hard block of sharp cheddar like once a month! I am sure my colon is thankful that I moved to Japan.

Perhaps this is why I lost so much weight? I am now 53 kilograms which is 116lbs I believe. It could be that not eating bread, cheese, and tacos weekly changed what my body regards as normal weight. I do not diet and I am still addicted to sugar.But I manage to be thin.  I guess my son running around helps too.

I want to do a video on this if I have a chance.

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, (on the right of your screen there is an box for that). You can see more of what is going on with my family and how I am doing in Japan. Be Well.

4 thoughts on “What am I eating?

  1. Hey Tara! It’s Margaret, from ALCC! I second your comments on missing cheese, but I have found a way. Raw vegan cheeze is made with nuts and/or seeds. I just made a cheeze tonight with shiitake mushrooms, jalapeno, and raw cashews. (I put it in a “ravioli” made with thin slices of kohlrabi, but I could have used cucumber, or japanese turnips).
    If you search on my blog for cheeze, you will find 2 or 3 recipes (my all time favorites are this one, cheddar cheeze made with red bell pepper, lemon juice, and raw cashews — I do add some chili powder often as not–, and a “cheeze” or “pate” I make with raw cashews and kale or spinach.)
    I use cashews because they give a sweet flavor, but you can use most any nut to make cheeze. Try it.
    Hope you are having fun there in Japan, I look forward to hearing more of you exploits…

  2. Thanks so much for your recipe. I will see if I can try it. Japan is great. I will try to show some more pics and videos of my surroundings going forward. Hope you are well too. Say hello to everyone in NYC, I miss the crew and the Fashion District!

  3. Wow! I have been away far too long because I had no idea you were in Japan…congrats to you and your family!!!

    I’ve pondered residing in a different country, and one of the most important factors is food. Food is a cultural representation, and it serves many purposes besides satisfying hunger. I’m so elated that you’re living, breathing, and eating a new culture 🙂

  4. Thanks! It is exciting for me. I am having a great time out here. Of all the countries I have visited/lived in this is by far the most interesting. I am trying to get my editing skills together to show you guys more of Japan on YouTube. Thanks for reading and be well.

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