What I’ve learned about myself since I became a mom

1. I’d rather be home with 10 kids than crying in the bathroom of a job (well paid or not).
2. I hate schedules but I’d better learn if I want peace in my life.
3. It really is a challenge to give your husband attention after the baby comes.
4. If I didn’t before, I now have a reason to be a good person.
5. I still like to shop and look great and being a mom has not changed my vanity.
6. I don’t like hearing about pets as if they were children.
7. I will never sleep again the way I did before.
8. *Giving birth has got to be the hardest thing a woman can do.
9. Nobody should be encouraged to give their child away.
10. **Seeing your baby smile is better than being in a nightclub full of celebrities and champagne.
11. Gay couples should not be denied this joy.
12. ***Moms should not work for at least a year if they can!

*meaning unmedicated
**I’ve done it before
***Emphasis on “if they can”

What have you learned about yourself since you became a mom, dad, or decided not to have children?

About Tara Kamiya

I am a personality blogger of Japanese & African American marriage and motherhood. Featured in the U.S. on Four Weddings Season 2. For product reviews, speaking engagements and appearances please contact me via email: kamiyatara@gmail.com
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