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Summer vacation has been over for a few weeks. The children are back in school and the tempuratures have gone down to the 60s. I feel like summer flew by. It was literally 1 month. June it rained day and night. July was hot as hell and in August I was wearing a jacket at night. Thanks Japan.LOL

Summer in Japan

Well, let’s see….before vacation started I was pumped. I had put together this amazing schedule, gathered up my learning resources and mentally prepared for having all of my children home all day. I was going to do a summer intensive of language and reading with the kids(notice the past tense). “Was”, now for what really happened.

My two year old was in full two year old mode. He would not sit down for a second. When he was unhappy about something he hollered like a wounded lion. When he was happy about something he jumped on the furniture and everyone around him. My baby girl started nursing for comfort, and my 4 year old threw tantrums for more and more attention. Pure chaos.

summer activities
summer activities

See, the problem with us dreamers is that when we plan something we don’t just plan. We visualize it with great imagination. In our minds, situations play out like a blockbuster movie. I am the heroine! I am victorious. It causes anxiety when that does not happen. I am a very anxious person. This summer vacation played out like a B movie with a low budget set.  Just one step above the school Christmas play, where you can see the suspension cables hoisting up the angel to appear as if she is flying through the air.

This house was a mess. My suspension cables were exposed. I was not flying. I was being hoisted up by the school janitor.

I got over myself though. I realized that I am doing the best I can with the children. I always have the best intentions. I want to give the children languages, travel, fresh food, fun, and loving parents. I do, I realize that. I just need to take it easy sometimes.


We went to see relatives in the mountains, we engaged in some traditional activities and we went to some festivals (matsuri) around the area. They really had the best times just frolicking in the local park sprinklers. My 4 year old even spent a few hours working with his dad in the restaurant. We were pretty active this summer.  It’s not like they sat around eating candy for a month watching TV. We don’t even have a TV. Might tell you more about that another time.


Hope you are having a good visit to shrineweek. A Typhoon just passed through. The day after is always the most sunny and beautiful day of the week.

Be Well,

Tara Kamiya

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