What would you do if you saw this in your mailbox?

Torn, crumpled mail delivered

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I am a personality blogger of Japanese & African American marriage and motherhood. Featured in the U.S. on Four Weddings Season 2. For product reviews, speaking engagements and appearances please contact me via email: kamiyatara@gmail.com
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4 Responses to What would you do if you saw this in your mailbox?

  1. Adam Strife says:

    How you gonna mangle someones mail like that? You can’t do that to someones important letters and checks! Is that even legal?!

  2. Baguio Girl says:

    how annoying! what if important documents are in there? arrrgghh!

  3. Cheaplipstick says:

    Lol.. Probably have a missy fit which is a Def no-no in Japan.

  4. Cheaplipstick says:

    CORRECTION.. “hissy-fit”

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