Tara Kamiya


So many people ask me how I met my husband.

But I know what they really mean, “How did you end up marrying a Japanese man?”

Well I answer some of those questions and more in my new YouTube video made over the weekend.

I think that the world has gotten smaller because of the Internet and that you will find lots of people together that typically or rather in the past would not have a chance to meet. Especially in big cities. When I was interviewing clients for a business venture a few months ago in NY, I met so many interracial couples. It think out of 10, only 2 couples were of the same race.

The most interresting I would say, was a couple where the woman was Indian(from India) and the man was Irish. And I am not talking about “Americanized” people of this race. The Irish man still had an accent. He called my son ‘Wee Man’ if that gives you any indicator of how “Irish” he was.LOL

I thought they were delightful and of course a lovely child following behind.

Relationships are always a hot topic and I think that with so many people always looking for love that it would be a good idea for those people to in fact LOOK FOR LOVE and not someone who is tall, short, fat, skinny, sex, young, old, etc.

Please take a few minutes to watch the YouTube video if you are curious about how I met my husband and some other random thoughts on relationships.

Be Well.

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