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About 3 weeks right? Yeah I know. Slacking again. But I have a good reason.

It is tough to post when you have Morning Sickness!

Yes darlings we have a bun in the oven. And I suspect it is a girl. She is making me super sick. I had to go to the hospital to get an IV because I was vomiting so much. Over the past two days I have been lucky. I have been able to avoid the vomit scenario as long as I keep food in my stomach.

Yes we are all happy and excited, but what I want to share with you guys is the hospital situation in Japan.

I am not by any means a “drug” person. For goodness sakes I had a natural home birth in NYC, but my morning sickness was so bad, I was looking for drugs! When I got to the hospital they looked at me like I was insane. They would not give me any drugs for morning sickness and told me that if I needed to come back daily for an IV then I was welcomed and that I would just have to wait for the morning sickness to go away.

Crazy right? I finally look for drugs and cannot get them. Well I am glad they denied me. I did some more reading on nausea drugs and did not like what I read.

What is also interesting is that when you are examined, there is a little curtain that separates you from your private parts! I could not look at the doctor as he was examining me! Crazy again right? I guess modesty is big in Japan, but I gotta tell you. I kept lifting up that curtain to be sure they were not making mean faces at my vagina.

It must be the only time when I went against the cutlure and did what felt normal to me.

But I was able to watch the ultrasound on the TV adjacent to my head and see my baby who is now the size of a lentil.

I will keep you guys posted, granted I feel well and I hope you are having a great summer.

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